I have lived in the Philadelphia suburbs my entire life.  I started my insurance career more than 20 years ago.  My life was simple.  No wife. No children.  No mortgage.  As you can see by the images above, my life has changed...considerably!  It is probably not much different than your life.  This statement is how I work with all of my clients.  I treat their insurance needs, as if they were my own.  However, needs can change from year to year. 

I have worked with several insurance companies and learned what insurance products they offer, and how they provide that coverage.  In all these years, the most important concept that I have learned, is to treat each customer as family!  Because, without you, there is no Anthem Insurance Agency, LLC.  It is my pleasure to work for you!

I try not to offer only insurance coverage to my clients.  I also try to educate the clients about the coverage options that are available to them.  For example, did you know that Flood Insurance DOES NOT cover finished basements?  It only covers the "mechanicals" in the basement (the furnace/heater, the hot water heater, circuit breaker box, etc.).  So, how do you protect the finished basement?

And, what it the difference between Agreed ValueActual Cash Value, and Replacement Cost?

Personal Insurance should never be difficult.  I work very hard to make myself available when you need me and to provides the best, and most affordable, products and services.

Everyone needs insurance.  Be sure you get what you pay for!

Thank you for allowing me to serve your insurance needs!

It is truly my pleasure!

Anthony DiAddezio